Interviews and short list presentations

The bottom line is that most professionals in the A/E/C industry went to school to learn a technical skill. You did not set out to be in sales or public speaking. But now, you’ve been called to “perform” in an interview. There are probably one or two people in your firm who know the client and who have been tracking the project. Now, these lucky people get to stop their billable work to put together a winning presentation, another skill they have no training in.

We make this process a whole lot easier for you. We work with you to understand the key project issues and drivers. We then dissect your true points of difference and come up with a unique presentation theme (hint: everyone who is short listed is qualified and available to do the work, so that does not set you apart from your competition).

Next, we develop the presentation framework and assist with the development of the presentation content. We can work with your in-house marketing team or use our in-house expertise to develop presentations that graphically and conceptually stand apart from your competition. Lastly, if desired, we will coach each presenter to make the delivery of his/her part in the presentation as effective as possible.