About Julie Cook

When you are selling a professional service, what really sets you apart from your competitors? My clients usually say it’s their expertise and responsiveness. That may very well be true, but can you prove it? Let’s be honest, it’s really difficult to prove that your staff is smarter or better than your competition.

That’s where AEC Marketing comes in. 

By creating authentic, people-driven marketing and communications, I craft compelling content that brings people in and helps your clients answer “what’s in it for me?” Being able to connect with clients in a meaningful way is all about trust. I place the highest value on earning trust with my clients, colleagues and peers. By listening hard, applying knowledge, connecting people, understanding and sharing clients’ perspectives, and always finding ways to bring a positive experience and outcome to a team effort, I am confident that my approach is providing meaningful marketing for A/E/C firms. 

With over ten years of marketing and communications experience, a B.S. from North Carolina State University, and an MBA from UNC-Wilmginton, my favorite things are:

  • Developing and understanding target personas to guide messaging and user experience.
  • Crafting and executing strategic marketing plans than can be measured, amplify awareness, create excitement and scale. 
  • Connecting with audiences in real-time via personable social media programs (and figuring out the elusive ROI).
  • Storytelling — whether it’s writing research-driven pieces, human interest stories, or a few paragraphs of compelling website content.

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